Shipping & Delivery Mondial Distribution

Shipping and Delivery Mondial Distribution

Information , our innovative Dropship Pallet System enables us to expedite your order efficiently and securely. Here’s how it works:

  • Pallet System optimizes order fulfillment, allowing us to fulfill your request promptly and accurately. With our innovative approach, we prioritize customer satisfaction by ensuring timely delivery of your desired products.

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  • Which exactly is the dispatch location and pick-up point depends on the ordering product and your destination location.
  • From the time that the order has been placed, and until your payment to be confirmed by our end, your order will be ready to be shipped. Because of that, your payment window is 24 hours.
  • In most European cities we deliver between 4 and 7 working days Shipping & Delivery Mondial Distribution


The “Pallet” is our Unit.

We sell and we send only by pallet.
With a unified price, 80 euro per pallet, make our delivery service one of the most competitive in Europe

But offcourse an extra discount is waiting for you if your quantity is one Truck or Container.
We are able to send all over the world in big quantities.
Ask us about or call us today.